Creative Writing – Lone Aspen

Snowy Path

Thoughts on this photo (click on it to see a larger image) that I took while show shoeing at Deer Creek Canyon this past Saturday. I noticed this lone aspen with golden leaves and it really stood out in contrast to the surroundings. It also caught my attention because most other aspens have no leaves on them at this time of year. So I found myself personifying this tree which seemed to have a rebellious personality. I wrote the following after viewing the photo at home and remembering the setting in which it was taken.

Stop and stand in silence.
The mountains are so placid that the snow can be heard falling to the earth.
The undisturbed snow blankets the forest and glimmers like a million diamonds as the sun seeps through the billowy evergreens and naked aspens lining the hillside.

The surrounding trees huddle around the trampled path allowing the desiring few to come and revel in the their beauty and peacefulness.

One aspen stands among the rest, determined to stand out and be noticed.
It has shaken the snow from its golden leaves and shouts out from the serenity “see me and know that you too can shed what has been thrust upon you and allow your true beauty and magnificence to shine”.


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