Maybe a change of perspective is in order.

So I went to the gym today in a non-motivated and blasé state. I was thinking that I would do something to get me energized but had no idea what. I trudged upstairs to the lines of anticipating treadmills, stair climbers, and bikes. As I stepped onto one of the new fancy treadmills with all the wiz bang features like an iPod hookups and built in TV, I stared at the screen pondering what type of workout I was going to do. I felt an AC vent in the ceiling above throwing cold air all over me. “It’s the middle of winter; I don’t want to be cold. That’s why I’m running inside on a treadmill”, I thought to myself. I decided to bag my attempt and move over to the older treadmills in another area away from the AC vents.

Now in a much more comfortable spot, I slogged at a 14 minutes mile pace attempting to get myself motivated to get moving and get my heart rate up. I looked at the screen in front of me that showed my progress slowly moving around a picture of a track. I hate running in circles around a track all much as running inside on a treadmill, so the combination of the two was quashing any motivation that I was mustering up.

I noticed a button to change the view on the screen. As I scrolled through the options, I came across one that showed my progress around a large looping course across a gravel running trail nestled in between two lakes and a mountain range. “Now we’re talking”, I thought as my motivation started to finally assemble and I quickened the pace to a 10 minute light run. Running outside is something that I love even though I had not done any in a very long time especially in a setting like the one being presented on the screen in front of me.

As my heart rate increased and my breathing started to quicken, I noticed that the loop was a total distance of 5k. My motivation now amplified exponentially as I seemed to scream inside my own head “I am running a freaking 5k today”!

In full gear now, I kicked up the speed as I went…8 minutes miles, 7 minute miles, 6.5 minute miles. By the time I was done, I felt like I had the workout that I was coming here to get. I was sweating, I was energized and I felt good.

Why am I telling you this story…well a thought came to me as I stretched my post run muscles. A simple change in perspective (i.e. changing from the tedious track visual that I hate to the 5k trail run through the scenic visual that I love) changed my entire mental state and my outcome.

If you are in a bad spot, maybe you just need to change your perspective.


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