7th Verse – Selfless Action

Selfless Action

Heaven is eternal – the earth endures.
Why do heaven and earth last forever?
They do not live for themselves only.
This is the secret of their durability.

For this reason the sage puts himself last
and so ends up ahead.
He stays a witness to life,
so he endures.

Serve the needs of others,
and all your own needs will be fulfilled.
Through selfless action, fulfillment is attained.

Why are so many so called successful people unhappy? Why do so many celebrities end up in the news for being arrested or entering rehab or for tragically ending their lives prematurely because of substance abuse? Because all of the possessions they obtain, the large sums of money they make and the fame that they gain doesn’t mean anything if what they are doing is not personally fulfilling. Unfortunately many of them feel empty and unhappy and some turn to drugs and alcohol or other self-destructive habits as a way to cope with that empty feeling.

“Success without fulfillment is failure” – Anthony Robbins

Many of us continually look for the next thing that we can get and think that object is going to fulfill us. However, material success is typically not fulfilling in a long term sense. There may be a fleeting sense of satisfaction, but that fades quickly and is replaced by a wanting for the next thing.

What this verse is referring to is achieving fulfillment by serving the needs of others. This can be lofty goals of serving people in need through a volunteer organization or just simple paying attention to those people around us as we go through our day.

As described in the film “I AM” by Tom Shadyac, there are large scale changes that people can make like the ones that he went through in his life. He sold his multimillion dollar home and moved into a trailer park as he pursues a life of not taking more than he needs.

That is a pretty dramatic change. For some people that may be possible. However, for many of us it can be simple things like helping someone struggling to carry their bags at the grocery store, helping the person who locked their keys in the car or helping out at our kid’s school.

Not only do these acts make the giver feel good about their actions, but also help to spread some positivity in a world that is always in desperate need of much more.

Try it…look for opportunities in your day to be of service to others. Notice how your own sense of fulfillment grows.

Let me know if you try this and what thoughts you have as a result.

Also, if you haven’t seen the film “I Am“, check out the preview below and see the film. I would love to know what you think of the film.

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