If you dare, today is the day you will soar.


Several years ago I had a dream that has been a motivating force for me ever since. When I awoke from it, a vivid collection of words from the dream stuck with me and have become my words to live by.

As I slept, I had some strange dream that was a conglomeration of different images and scenes. I don’t really remember much of the actual dream. What I do remember is waking up feeling like I was still in my dream. Words were physically visible in front of my mind’s eye. It was not like I was thinking the words, but rather like they were physically present. The words hung on as if to ensure that after I woke up, I didn’t go about my day and ignore the dream that I just had.

I instantly grabbed a notebook and pen to write down the words that seemed to be imprinted on my brain. I was afraid that I would forget them as I typically do with dreams from the previous night after a short while of being awake. Not this time. The words were strangely still clearly visible.

Once I wrote the words down, I sat back and stared at them. What did they mean? How did they come to me in a dream? Why were they so vividly displayed in my mind? Were they a message from some divine being or did my mind just randomly come up with them? Was there a reason for them coming to me now?

The words that I was staring at were:

If you dare, today is the day you will soar.

Go for what you know in your heart you want to accomplish despite the fears, the negative self-talk and the cynical opinions of others and you will live your life to its fullest. That is what these words mean to me.

I didn’t have anything big that day that would need some extra motivation to get through. I could have ignored it as a random occurrence or something too strange to want to deal with. Instead I took it as a mantra for my life. Although I often forget and go back to my old ways, I try to remember to follow this mantra when I get into situations that cause me pause because of my fear, discomfort, or laziness.

I now have a necklace with these words inscribed on and a coffee mug displaying them as well…thanks to my wonderful wife for giving me those as a constant reminder to go for what I want in life.

Are you going for what you want in your life or could you use these words to propel you into action?


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