10th Verse – Our Primal Virtue

Carrying body and soul
and embracing the one,
can you avoid separation?

Can you let your body become as supple as a newborn child’s?
In the opening and shutting of heaven’s gate,
can you play the feminine part?

Can you love your people
and govern your domain
without self-importance?

Giving birth and nourishing;
having, yet not possessing;
working, yet not taking credit;
leading without controlling or dominating.

One who heeds this power
brings the Tao to this very earth.
This is the primal virtue.

In this verse, we see reference again to the mysterious feminine that verse 6 revealed. The mysterious feminine being the voice of the eternal spirit that is in all of us and connects all of us together.

Just like Gandhi said “we must be the change we wish to see in the world”, this verse says that if we listen to the voice of the mysterious feminine and act in accordance with it, we will bring this “way of being” to others. By playing the feminine part we are demonstrating qualities like benevolence, acceptance, and selflessness.

By bringing this “way of being” to others, we are displaying the “primal virtue” or the original goodness that we were meant to bring to this earth.


2 thoughts on “10th Verse – Our Primal Virtue

    • Thank you Donna! I am honored and I am inspired by your Inspiration Award. I think that is a great concept and I will be sure to pass it on. The world can definitely use some displays of appreciation.

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