Thank you my dear friend…the run

Feet driving, muscles screaming, heart pounding, lungs burning, breath labored, endorphins pumping through my veins, the sun kissing my skin, Bono resounding through the headphones in my ears, sweat gathering over my brow, the changing landscape passing me by with the ever present white capped mountains in the backdrop.

A trail run is exactly what I needed today to wake me up from the life coma that I have been in this week. Too busy regretting the past and agonizing over the future.

Trail running requires your full attention to the present moment. The dangers of roots, rocks, uneven ground, trees, brush and the occasional drop off of a rock cliff demand your recognition lest you roll an ankle, trip and fall, run into something or worse.

Eckart Tolle speaks of the Power of Now. Running exemplifies the beauty of the now. It is sort of a meditation in motion focused on the present moment. Thoughts come and go and are not given much attention or allowed to gather any energy.

In my earlier days, running was a powerful respite from the depression that I was desperately fighting to overcome. Running became a welcome friend that was with me as I overcame depression’s clawing grasp.

Today I was reminded of the sweet simplicity and connective power of running. I was reminded how powerful of an ally it is for me and I am grateful to find it still by my side after all these years.

I found myself refreshed and renewed by its endearing embrace. Thank you my dear friend!

P.s. Thanks also to my wonderful, ever wise wife who gently pushed me out the door for the run…ok so maybe not so gently…


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