Shed the junk and let your brilliance shine

Source: Uploaded by user via Diego on Pinterest

There is a story of a monk who lived in a monastery with a large plaster statue of Buddha. One day while the monk was looking at the statue he saw a reflection from a crack in the statue.He moved his light closer to the statue and saw that the crack appeared to glow from within. He called the other monks and they removed a piece of the plaster. There was gold underneath. They proceeded to remove all of the plaster from the statue and found that underneath this ancient statue that had been in their monastery for years was solid gold.

I heard this story from a podcast featuring Tara Brach, a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. She went on to say that the statue in the story was a metaphor for how we cover up our true brilliance with the trappings, desires, and expectations of a worldly life.

If we can remove the outside junk that we feel defines us, we can reveal the brilliance of who we truly are underneath.

Release the desire for acceptance. Release the desire for unneeded material things. Release the desire for looking a certain way. Release the desire that leads to discontent for how things are.

Let your brilliance shine.


7 thoughts on “Shed the junk and let your brilliance shine

  1. Let your brilliance shine. I love this. I look forward to your posts. You inspire me. This line is now on my email signatures.

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