Don’t let the bird poop ruin your view

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

It was a beautiful day today. The sky was blue, the air was warm and the sun was bright. Driving home from after yet another crappy workday, I was stopped at a traffic light. As I waited for the light to change and was tired of watching all the cars rushing around in a hurried attempt to get somewhere they desperately needed to be, I glanced up at the bright blue sky through my sunroof. I starred at the fluffy and wispy white clouds that looked like cotton strung across a blue background.

Sitting at the intersection starring at the sky seemed like an eternity and I didn’t want it to end. It was inviting and comforting. It was like the beauty of the universe smiling at me.

Just before the light turned green and my moment of euphoria was about to end I tilted my head back even further and my gaze swept towards the sky further behind me. As I did I noticed something on the glass of the sunroof towards the back.

The building where I work sits in an area that is notorious for geese. For some strange reason they hang out there all year long. While most birds fly south for the winter, these geese lazily stay in the same place throughout the seasons. They make nests in the window wells and planters. They begrudgingly lay in the middle of the roads and sidewalks. They complain to passers by. And they sit on top of cars parked in the parking lot as if they were placed there like couches in ones living room.

Of course with geese comes geese poop. I was enjoying the beautiful view of nature’s glory and there in the way was a slathering of geese poop between me and my view of the sky.

The light changed and the tragic started to desperately move again and as I drove away from the intersection I had a thought. That bird poop daringly clinging to the slick glass of my sunroof was like the negative thoughts that tend to plague me and ruin the view of my life.

“Don’t let the bird poop ruin your view on things”, I thought. I decided that the negative, defeating, and draining thoughts that tend to come into my mind would from now on be referred to as bird poop.

The beauty of the sky hadn’t changed. The bird poop has just gotten in the way of me seeing it. The beauty of life never changes either. It’s just the bird poop on my brain that gets in the way of me seeing it.

So when the negativity hits, I know that it is just bird poop in the way and once I remove it, a beautiful world is waiting behind.


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