23rd Verse – Everything is Temporary

Source: Uploaded by user via Marla on Pinterest

To talk little is natural:
Fierce winds do not blow all morning;
a downpour of rain does not last the day.
Who does this? Heaven and earth.

But these are exaggerated, forced effects,
and that is why they cannot be sustained.
If heaven and earth cannot sustain a forced action,
how much less is man able to do?

Those who follow the Way
become one with the Way.
Those who follow goodness
become one with goodness.
Those who stray from the Way and goodness
become one with failure.

If you conform to the Way,
its power flows through you.
Your actions become those of nature,
your ways those of heaven.

Open yourself to the Tao
and trust your natural responses…
then everything will fall into place.

Everything in this existence is temporary. Like a flower, everything blossoms and then withers away. This is not good or bad, it just is. It is the Way.

No matter if we are referring to our bodies, our possessions or the situations of our lives, nothing is exempt except for the Way itself.

Apply this idea to the so called bad situations in your life. When you feel all hope is lost and you are stuck, know that this too shall pass. Even in the darkest moment, the sun is just over the horizon.

“Open yourself to the Tao.” Set your intentions and have faith that they will come.

“Trust in your natural responses…”. Don’t be tied to the how. The path to your intention may be presented to you differently than you expect. Don’t force it. Even nature cannot sustain a forced action.

Do this and “…everything will fall into place”.


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