27th Verse – The Great Secret

Source: piccsy.com via Marylou McGinnis on Pinterest

A knower of the truth
travels without leaving a trace,
speaks without causing harm,
gives without keeping an account.
The door he shuts, though having no lock,
cannot be opened.
The knot he ties, though using no chord,
cannot be undone.

Be wise and help all beings impartially,
abandoning none.
Waste no opportunities.
This is called following the light.

What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?
What is a bad man but a good man’s job?
If the teacher is not respected
and the student not cared for,
confusion will arise, however clever one is.
This is the great secret.

Want to improve your life? Improve someone else’s life and see how your own changes. That is what this verse is saying.

You must do this out of respect and caring for another, not because you want something in return. If your true ambition is to get something in return, no matter how cleverly you try to hide that ambition, confusion will arise in the form of unmet expectations.

The door cannot be opened nor the knot untied because there is nothing to open or untie. What is given is given freely without any binding in the form of expectations or desired outcomes.

Look around and their are opportunities everywhere. Whether it is the child in a foreign country that you support or the homeless person that you provide for or simply the angry person on the highway that you let pass without an argument or ill word.

Being a bad man’s teacher or helping another being should be a reward in itself.


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