32nd Verse – Flow Back to Source

Source: listphobia.com via Mariette on Pinterest

The eternal Tao has no name.
Although simple and subtle, no one in the world can master it.

If the kings and lords could harness them,
the 10,000 things would naturally obey.
Heaven and earth would rejoice with the dripping of sweet dew.
Everyone would live in harmony,
not by official decree, but by their own goodness.

Once the whole is divided, the parts need names.
There are already enough names;
know when to stop.
Know when reason sets limits to avoid peril.

Rivers and streams are born of the ocean,
and all creation is born of the Tao.
Just as all water flows back to become the ocean,
all creation flows back to become the Tao.

Attempting to control life is like trying to control the ocean. “No one in the world can master it.” You can slam yourself against the rocks and flail about attempting to will it to your desires, but this is madness. Unfortunately it is a madness that many create day after day.

Like fighting against the riptide, fighting against the nature of life only brings more misery and potentially an untimely end. Instead, flow with the current and eventually you will be delivered to your goal without the generation of misery and discontent.

Allow yourself to flow like the rivers back to the ocean. This is the natural path of life that we all travel along.

Open your eyes to what it presented to you, be grateful for what you are given and allow life to unfold in its natural state. Then you will see the glory of life’s potential as it is presented to you.

Over the next day, pay attention to what you have in your life. Notice what is presented to you. Let go of trying to be in charge. Allow things to flow and be aware of the “coincidences” that occur in your life. What are they telling you? Where are they directing you?


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