Habit or choice?

Once you become aware of a habit and you still continue to do it, it is no longer a habit. It is a choice. ~ Wayne Dyer

My wife and I saw Wayne Dyer speak a few weeks ago when he was here in the Denver area. The talk was filled with gems of wisdom, this being one of them.

How many times do you hear someone say or you yourself say something like the following?

“yeah I know I shouldn’t do that, but its just a bad habit that I have”.

Wrong. It may have been a habit in the past, but now that you are aware of it, you have the ability to change it. The first step in changing anything is obtaining awareness of that which needs to be changed.

If you continue to do that thing that was once a habit, it is now a choice that you are making. You are choosing to continue to pursue that course of action and it is no longer some natural action that happens outside of your control.

You are the captain of your own vessel and you are responsible for your actions and behaviors.

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