Let Your “Music” Shine

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“Don’t die with the music still in you.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Is there something inside of you trying to get out? Does it speak to you, show up in your life saying “pay attention to me”, or nag at you as something you should pursue?

Do you tell it “not now”, “the time is not right”, “I’m not ready yet”, “I’ll be ready when …”, or “someday”?

What if you never get that “someday”? If you died tomorrow would look back on your life with no regrets feeling like you had accomplished what you came here to do?

Everyone has a reason for being here, a calling, a purpose. Everyone has some “music” inside of them. This may not literally be music, but there is something that sings to you. Maybe it is that song that you want to compose or perform, that book that you want to write, that cause that you want to support, that place that you want to visit, or that job that you really feel a calling for.

Listen to that “music” inside of you. Let it direct you. Pay attention to its calling. Nothing else in the world is going to give your life meaning like playing that “song”.

If you wait for that someday and it never comes, the world will not get to benefit from your expression of your “music”.

I think that if everyone listened to the “music” inside of themselves and shared it with the world, there would be much less hatred, anger, sadness, depression and fear in the world.

Share your “music”. The world needs it.


2 thoughts on “Let Your “Music” Shine

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