Let Your Life Sing

This poem came to me as I was writing yesterday’s post based on the quote from Wayne Dyer “Don’t die with the music still in you.”. After I was done with the post, I started to write and this is what came out. Similar to the last post, the use of the word “sing” is used as a metaphor for any calling that you have in your life.

It beckons like a calling from the depths of your soul.
Appearing here and there on the path as you stroll.
Clamoring to be sung; to be shared with the whole.

Not now, not today, maybe somehow, someday.
I don’t have time, I’m not ready you may say.
Tomorrow is not promised, all you may have is today.

Stand up, breath in, your courage will not fail.
Sing your song, open your heart and let it wail.
Allow it to fill you up and it will guide your sail.

Move forward in the direction that you are shown to go.
Don’t look back, be the person you know.
You have come for great performances no matter the show.

The world is waiting and needs to hear your song.
You were blessed with its sweet melodies, so how could it be wrong?


One thought on “Let Your Life Sing

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