Where’s Your Focus?

It the ground hurt your feet, you could cover the entire earth with material to soften it, but you would spend your life trying to get enough material to cover it?

Instead you could simply cover your feet with a small amount of the material and accomplish the same goal.

There is an ancient Buddhist story that goes something like the above. This is a metaphor for dealing with issues in your life.

You could focus on changing everything around you to remove your pain and suffering. This is unrealistic because there is no way that you will ever be able to rid the world of everything that upsets you or gives you reasons to suffer.

If instead you leave your surroundings as they are and focus internally on how you deal with them, you can be at peace no matter the situation.

This saying reminds me of another more modern saying “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. External stimuli that causes pain will always be there as long as we are alive. How we allow that pain to effect us mentally and emotionally determines if we suffer as a result.


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