48th Verse – Letting Go

Source: cowboy-takemeaway.tumblr.com via Kristina Ann on Pinterest

Learning consists of daily accumulating.
The practice of the Tao consists of daily diminishing;
decreasing and decreasing, until doing nothing.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

True mastery can be gained by letting things go their own way.
It cannot be gained by interfering.

Now that today is a brand new year we look ahead to what the new year will bring, set resolutions for things we cant to accomplish, and let go of the past year. However, do we really let go of the past year?

Last year is gone and so is everything that came with it. However, many times we hold onto the things that occurred. We accumulate pain and suffering from things that occurred and carry them forward with us into the new year.

The way of the Tao is to let go of the past. This is similar to the teaching from the Vipassana meditation training that I wrote about previously.

There is no good that can come from carrying around old negativity from past experiences. We can recognize the situations and the pain that they caused and also recognize that they served some purpose even if that purpose is held from our understanding. We can thank it for its lesson and then let it go.

No matter how hard we hold onto them and ruminate about them, we will never be able to change the experiences of the past. Holding on to feelings created by past experiences is one of the main causes of human suffering.

Let’s follow the Tao and let go of anything that is not serving us as we enter into the new year. Let’s recognize the beauty of what is and “BE” with what’s unfolding before us.

By the way, as I am writing this I can’t help but think, is it a coincidence that the theme of this post that I am writing about on New Year’s Day is about letting go?


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