50th Verse – Live With the Realization That You Will Never Die

Source: kaftanbikini.wordpress.com via Angie on Pinterest

Between birth and death, three in ten are followers of life;
three in ten are followers of death.
And men just passing from birth to death also number three in ten.
Why is this so? Because they clutch to life and cling to this passing world.

But there is one out of ten, they say,
so sure of life that tigers and wild bulls keep clear.
Weapons turn from him on the battlefield,
rhinoceroses have no place to horn him,
tigers find no place for claws,
and soldiers have no place to thrust their blades.

Why is this so? Because he dwells in that place where death cannot enter.

Realize your essence and you will witness the end without ending.

If you believe that all you are is the body that you exist in, then you are part of the 90 percent that “clutch to life and cling to this passing world”. If instead you are aware of your connection to the eternal energy of all creation, you will dwell “in that place where death cannot enter”.

Everything in the physical world comes and goes, rises and falls, enters and leaves. We have no control over that. What we can control is our attachment or our “clutching” to the physical world.

If we believe that we are of this world then we become attached to the things that surround us in the physical world including our bodies. Attachment to physical things only leads to suffering because those things do not last. If instead we realize that we are merely in this world and that it is merely a stop along the greater journey of our soul, then we can remove the suffering caused by attachment. We release our “clutch” on the things of the physical world.

By doing this, we can enjoy life for what it is and remove fear of the deterioration and eventual destruction of this suit called our body. We can use and enjoy the things of the physical world without becoming obsessed or attached.

By realizing the essence of our eternal self we can witness the end of our attachment to the physical world without it having to actually end. We will loose our grip on the physical things of this world and our time in this physical body will come to an end not matter how hard we clutch and cling. Why not loose that attachment now and live by enjoying life and the things in it freely without fear or possessiveness.


5 thoughts on “50th Verse – Live With the Realization That You Will Never Die

  1. Wow!! I can’t believe I found this. Jon, this reminds me of my grandfather so much. He was a metaphysicist and the first one to bring the eastern philosophies to Mexico, back in 1930 or 1940. He created the first school of meditation too. I have his book of the Tao with me. This is beautiful; thanks a lot for sharing this and creating this blog. Your comment below the poem reminds me of an exercise he would use during his meditation sessions to teach people how to let go, you have probably heard of it: “using the metaphor of a filled water balloon. Imagine trying to control a wobbly water balloon resting precariously in the palm of your hand. One’s instinct is often to grab it as it rolls from side to side. But in doing so, one finds that the overstuffed balloon either pops out of the gripping fingers and onto the floor, or it bursts right within her grasp into a sopping mess. Either way, control has been lost. The only way to gain control over an unsteady water balloon is to release one’s fingers, slowly open the hand, and let go of the tight grip. This exercise demonstrates the paradox of control. Letting go when one is overwhelmed and frightened is difficult and can feel counterproductive, but it works.” This is from psychology today, it’s the best explanation.

    Awesome blog!

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