Serendipity Strikes Straight from Synergy

Bottle of Synergy

I have written previously on this blog about occurrences of serendipity in my life. Of course, there are many other examples that I have not written about. I had another occurrence this week that was so incredible and shocking that I had to share. This still gives me shivers when I think about it.

I was sitting in my hotel room in Austin, Texas working on one of my blog posts. I was in Austin for a business trip so the rest of my family was home in Colorado. I had just finished eating my dinner that I brought back to my room and was sipping on my GT’s Synergy Kombucha drink and a small piece of after dinner chocolate. The Strawberry Serenity flavor drink and the chocolate pair nicely together.

I had hit a momentary speed bump and was having trouble finding the words for my post. Instead of banging my head against the wall, I took a break and hopped over to Facebook to see what was going on in the world. There at the top of the screen was a blue and white number one over the tiny image of the world. As any Facebook user knows this means that I had a notification.

Excited like one of Pavlov’s dogs, I quickly clicked the button anticipating the reward of seeing who had something to say to me. Oddly enough, it was a message from GT’s Synergy Kombucha’s Facebook page.

They have a section on their bottle’s label that is called “Words of Enlightenment” that always has a famous quote or a saying from someone. At the bottom of that section, they invite anyone to go to their Facebook page and submit their own words of enlightenment and if GT’s like it, they may put it on their bottles.

The previous night I had gone onto their Facebook page and posted a sentence that I had come up with after some classes that I had been taking regarding the teachings of Ernest Holmes. The quote was:

Thoughts are seeds for future results and you can’t create positive results with a negative mindset just like you can’t grow an apple with a tomato seed.

The notification from GT’s was that they loved my post and were asking if I had come up with that on my own. I hit send on my reply indicating that it was my words and explaining a little bit about why I came up with that phrase.

Here’s where it gets weird. I can feel the butterflies well up just thinking about it again.

I glanced over at the Synergy bottle that was sitting in front of me that I had just purchased earlier that night at the Whole Foods store a couple of blocks from my Austin hotel room.

It was the third bottle of Synergy that I had bought on this particular trip. I love the stuff and it really helps to quell my acid reflux because of the probiotics it contains. I had realized when I arrived in Austin that I had left my probiotic pills at home and my wife had said to drink a Synergy each day and that should get me through until I got home. Several years earlier, I had found that by taking probiotics religiously and instituting some dietary changes I could get off the acid reflux medication that I had been on for many years. This approach is much healthier and I am not cramming medications in my gut that are causing other side effects.

Have I stalled long enough?

On the bottle in front of me in the Words of Enlightenment section was my name with one of my sayings on it. No, not the one that I had submitted the previous day. That would have been mind bogglingly weird.

It was a saying (shown below) that I had posted on GT’s Facebook page several months prior. I was shocked and confused at first. I had no idea that my words would be on one of their bottles. Here I was in a totally different state having randomly picked a bottle off the shelves at a local store that I happened to find by my hotel and there was my name and my words staring me in the face.

Synergy Drink Words of Enlightenment

That isn’t the really weird part either. No, it gets better.

I called my wife immediately and told her the story. We laughed and she replied a few times “na-ah”.

“Hang up and text me a picture” she exclaimed after my repeated replies that it was true.

Now back on the phone after sending the incriminating evidence, she went to the refrigerator at home…which like I said is in Colorado. Can you guess what happened next?

She broke out into excited laughter.

“Oh my God she exclaimed, your quote is on a half empty bottle in our fridge.”

Can you say serendipity?

I went back to Whole Foods on the last day of my trip to get one more Synergy and to see my words on the shelf since I didn’t notice it the previous times I was in the store.

All drinks on shelves

Synergy drinks on shelves

Have you ever had anything like this happen?

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